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Reliable, real-time, and extensive database of malicious contracts.

Public Chains Supported
Malicious Smart Contracts Detected
Safeguarded from Thefts
Flexible Pricing
Our API pricing is flexible and adapts to your needs.

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For general users
Our API includes addresses related to scams and malicious contracts, which users are likely to encounter
Push Notifications
Once malicious smart contract is detected, the affected addresses will be alerted by our API to protect users in real time
Extensive Database
Spanning 7 leading blockchains, featuring over 1 million malicious smart contracts
Malicious smart contracts on the blockchain can cause serious damage to individuals, businesses & enterprises. These contracts can perform actions such as stealing funds, causing network congestion, and executing other harmful code.

Detecting and preventing these contracts is crucial for the safety and stability of the blockchain ecosystem.
Our Malicious Contract API Product offers a solution to this problem by providing an advanced ML model for detecting & alerting malicious smart contracts via API.

The product includes an advanced ML model that can classify if a smart contract is malicious or not by utilizing a library of malicious contract patterns, advanced algorithms for detecting malicious behavior, and real-time alerts for suspicious activity.

Why Us

Our team has extensive experience in blockchain security, AI & ML, and we have developed a unique approach to detecting & alerting malicious contracts.

Our product offers a convenient & efficient solution for blockchain users and businesses to protect their assets.

Why Now

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, the risk of malicious contracts becomes more significant. Our product addresses a critical need in the blockchain ecosystem and provides a timely solution to this problem.

In the last 15 months, over $4B were stolen in crypto hacks & exploits, significant amount was stolen using malicious smart contracts.

As a result, we decided to offer access to Cyvers’ ML models via an API.
Cyvers’ models are monitoring and scanning the ByteCode of every smart contract that is deployed to the EVM-compatible blockchains.

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and in-depth analysis, our product delivers a risk score for smart contracts, enabling you to make informed decisions about their security.

Next generation blockchain threat prevention

Identify patterns and anomalies across blockchains in real-time for proactive mitigation.

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Next generation blockchain threat prevention- Identifies patterns and anomalies across web3 in real-time for proactive mitigation.