Cyvers Brand Guidelines

Welcome to Cyvers brand page. Any time you want to mention us in social media, you are free to use resources, presented here. We’ll help you learn how you can use our logo, product icons, and other brand elements in your work.

Cyvers Logo

Download our logo in svg format for further usage in social media and commercials.

Download Here

Cyvers Color Palette

We`ve chosen cyber colors for our brand - purples and neon green. They make you dive deep to the crypto ocean. We also use gold as a secondary color.


Cyvers Fonts

In Cyvers we use Archia font for titles in web representations of the brand.

Also we use

Century gothic is used for presentations.

Download Here

Cyvers Banners

Please look at our banner examples.

Next generation blockchain threat prevention

Identify patterns and anomalies across blockchains in real-time for proactive mitigation.

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Next generation blockchain threat prevention- Identifies patterns and anomalies across web3 in real-time for proactive mitigation.