The Power of Custom Rules for Seamless Web3 Monitoring

Learn how to create custom rules to optimize the security of your digital assets
The Power of Custom Rules for Seamless Web3 Monitoring


Imagine a world where you can create your own Web3 ecosystem-specific rulebook. Custom rules are your hidden weapon if you're a wallet provider protecting user funds, a DeFi platform navigating liquidity provision, or a project pioneering decentralized finance. As institutions and individuals enter this brave new world, robust surveillance and security are essential.


In this blog, we'll explore custom rules' broad capabilities and real-world use cases to inspire and equip you to tackle the Web3 frontier as follows:

I. Protection from Unauthorized Access

II. Token Monitoring and Rug Pull Prevention

III. On-Chain Discoveries

IV. Policy Enforcement and Order

V. Custom Rules for On-Chain Analytics

Cyvers Custom Rules

Custom rules to protect your wallets:

  • Defending Against Unauthorized Access For custodians and wallet providers, the Transfer Value Rule is a powerful ally, triggering alerts when high-value transactions occur and enabling timely detection of potential hacks or unauthorized fund movements.
  • The Blacklist Interaction rule allows for the creation of curated lists of sanctioned or flagged addresses, ensuring regulatory compliance by alerting users to interactions with these entities.

Asset managers can track holdings:

  • You can leverage the Token Transfer and Transfer Value rules to stay informed about significant transactions involving their holdings, swiftly responding to liquidity shifts or potential financial risks.
  • The Repeating Transfer Rule unveils emerging trends, flagging high-frequency transactions for specific assets and empowering managers to seize opportunities or mitigate risks proactively.

Cyvers Custom Rules

Monitoring Token Movements and Preventing Rug Pulls

  • In the decentralized space, protocols can leverage the Transfer Value and Token Transfer rules to monitor high-value transactions, enabling timely detection of potential exploits or hacks targeting protocol funds.
  • The Blacklist Interaction rule fortifies protocols against interactions with sanctioned addresses, promoting regulatory compliance and minimizing reputational risks.
  • The Function Call and Event Emission rules allow protocols to keep an eye on certain contract functions or events, making it easier to spot potential breaches or unauthorized access attempts right away.

Seamless Cross-Chain Transfers with Custom Rules

  • For cross-chain bridges, the Transfer Value rule allows for monitoring high-value transactions, enabling internal tracking and adherence to regulatory requirements. The Blacklist Interaction Rule safeguards bridges from interacting with sanctioned addresses, mitigating the risk of inadvertently facilitating illicit activities.
  • The Function Call and Event Emission rules provide an extra layer of security by alerting bridge operators to potentially malicious contract interactions or events, fostering a proactive approach to threat mitigation.

Cyvers Custom Rules


By harnessing the power of custom rules, stakeholders across the Web3 ecosystem can stay ahead of the curve, proactively identifying risks, seizing opportunities, and ensuring the seamless operation of decentralized platforms. As the industry continues to evolve and mature, the ability to tailor monitoring solutions to specific needs will become increasingly critical, solidifying the role of custom rules as an indispensable tool in the pursuit of a secure and thriving Web3 future.

Discover the advantages of tailored monitoring solutions and unlock the full potential of Web3 with custom rules today. Learn more about our custom rules feature and request a demo to experience the benefits firsthand.

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