Cyvers & Sayfer: A Strategic Alliance to Amplify Blockchain Cybersecurity

Forging a New Frontier in Blockchain Security: Cyvers and Sayfer Unite
Cyvers & Sayfer: A Strategic Alliance to Amplify Blockchain Cybersecurity

At Cyvers, we're continuously evolving to meet the challenges of the dynamic Web3 landscape. In this vein, we're excited to announce our latest partnership with Sayfer, a leading consultant cybersecurity company. This collaboration is not just a meeting of minds but a fusion of groundbreaking approaches to blockchain security.

Cyvers has always been at the vanguard of real-time detection and prevention of crypto attacks, seamlessly integrating with blockchain ecosystems to screen and respond to threats. Our partnership with Sayfer enhances this capability. Sayfer, known for its bespoke solutions and offensive defense strategies, complements our approach by closing security gaps common products miss and emulating attacker behavior to identify novel security breaches.

"We're enthusiastic about partnering with Sayfer, a company that aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance blockchain security. This collaboration is a major step forward in our journey to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge protection for the Web3 ecosystem," says Deddy Lavid, Co-Founder & CEO of Cyvers.
"At Sayfer, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions. The partnership with Cyvers represents a significant milestone in our goal to offer unparalleled security in the blockchain space. Together, we are set to create a new standard in digital asset protection," remarks Nir Duan, CEO of Sayfer.

Together, we're building a fortified front against cyber threats in the blockchain space. Our joint efforts will focus on enhancing proactive monitoring, threat detection, and response strategies. This alliance is set to redefine what it means to be secure in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and Web3.

The Cyvers-Sayfer partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment to pioneering a safer digital future. Stay tuned for updates as we roll out new initiatives and continue to push the boundaries of blockchain cybersecurity.

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Next generation blockchain threat prevention

Identify patterns and anomalies across blockchains in real-time for proactive mitigation.

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Next generation blockchain threat prevention- Identifies patterns and anomalies across web3 in real-time for proactive mitigation.