Cyvers Partners with Alterscope

A Partnership for Advanced Web3 Security and Risk Management
Cyvers Partners with Alterscope

Cyvers, a leader in proactive Web3 security, and Alterscope, a pioneer in real-time risk infrastructure, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration brings together Cyvers' expertise in enhancing digital security with Alterscope's robust risk management solutions.

Alterscope provides critical infrastructure for processing risk in real-time across various chains, protocols, and liquidity pools. They offer insights into decentralized protocols and the tools to assess protocol-specific risks, making them an essential player in the Web3 ecosystem.

Cyvers stands at the forefront of proactive Web3 security, offering innovative solutions designed to safeguard digital assets and transactions in the blockchain space. Their commitment to advancing cybersecurity technology positions them as a key player in the industry.

Why Now?

The rapid evolution of the Web3 landscape and the increasing complexity of digital threats make this partnership timely. By combining forces, Cyvers and Alterscope address the growing need for comprehensive security and risk management solutions that are adaptable to the dynamic nature of Web3.

What Does This Partnership Entail?

Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Combining Cyvers' security capabilities with Alterscope's risk assessment tools, this partnership aims to deliver a unified platform for Web3 security and risk management.

Enhanced Security Analytics

By integrating Cyvers' security analytics, this collaboration will enhance Alterscope's risk management capabilities, offering their clients deeper insights in real-time.

Joint Product Development

The partnership fosters innovation through the joint development of new security products, leveraging the strengths of both companies.

Deddy Lavid, Cyvers' Co-Founder & CEO remarked, "This partnership with Alterscope marks a significant step in our journey to provide top-tier Web3 security solutions. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in the industry."

Marijo Radman, Alterscope's Co-Founder & CTO added, "Joining forces with Cyvers allows us to expand our risk management capabilities, providing our clients with a more holistic approach to security in the Web3 domain."

To conclude

As Cyvers and Alterscope unite, we are excited about the potential this partnership holds. Together, we aim to contribute positively to the Web3 security landscape, combining our strengths to offer improved solutions for our clients. We're committed to this collaborative journey and look forward to sharing our progress and innovations with our community.

We invite the Cyvers community to follow Alterscope on their social media platforms (Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram) to stay updated with the latest in risk management and security innovations.

Join us in celebrating this partnership as we pave the way for a safer, more secure Web3 world.

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