Cyvers and AuditOne: A Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Web3 Security

tl;dr: Cyvers and AuditOne join forces in a strategic partnership to enhance web3 security and extend each other's reach by offering a comprehensive range of services to their clients.
Cyvers and AuditOne: A Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Web3 Security

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Cyvers and AuditOne have entered into a strategic partnership to strengthen web3 security and broaden the scope of services available to clients from both companies. Our collaboration with AuditOne has been built on a mutual understanding of the critical importance of web3 security and the need for continuous improvement and adaptability.

Web3 security is paramount in the ever-evolving decentralized ecosystem, where vulnerabilities and exploits can lead to significant losses for users and platforms alike. This partnership aims to bolster the security of web3 projects and accelerate the adoption of robust security measures.

Our partnership comprises of four key aspects:

First, Cyvers and AuditOne will offer each other's services as an upsale, allowing clients to access a comprehensive range of web3 security solutions. Cyvers will provide its advanced AI-driven threat intelligence platform, and AuditOne will contribute its all-in-one smart contract audit platform.

Second, both companies will collaborate on joint research and development initiatives, sharing their expertise and insights to create innovative security solutions for the web3 landscape. This collaboration will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, resulting in cutting-edge security tools and services.

Third, Cyvers and AuditOne will jointly promote their partnership through marketing and promotional activities, leveraging their networks and resources to raise awareness about their collaborative efforts and the importance of robust web3 security.

Fourth, the partnership will facilitate a more streamlined client experience, offering clients from both companies access to a broader range of services and expertise, ensuring that their security needs are met with the highest standards.

Our partnership with AuditOne is built on a shared commitment to web3 security, innovation, and client satisfaction. We are excited to join forces with an industry leader, enhancing our ability to deliver comprehensive security solutions and fostering a more secure web3 ecosystem for all.

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