Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Velocore

Cyvers and Velocore Join Forces to Advance DeFi Security on the Linea Blockchain
Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Velocore


We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Cyvers, a leader in proactive Web3 security, and Velocore, a pioneering veDEX platform on the Linea blockchain. This partnership is aimed at bolstering the security framework of Velocore’s operations, enhancing their robust AMM systems, and ensuring a secure trading environment for all users. Here’s what this collaboration entails and the benefits it promises to bring to the DeFi ecosystem.

About Velocore

Velocore is the first and most efficient veDEX on multiple chains, emerging from the innovative groundwork laid by Velodrome. It offers an optimized trading environment with minimal slippage and low fees, making it an ideal platform for enterprises and individual traders alike. Velocore’s advanced AMM design, coupled with its commitment to low gas costs and a simplified incentive system, sets new benchmarks in the efficiency and effectiveness of decentralized exchanges.


About Cyvers

Cyvers is the leading solution for detection and prevention of malicious activity in Web3 - thanks to its unique AI engine and sophisticated ML algorithms. Our expertise in the Linea blockchain is particularly notable, with advanced security protocols that have significantly uplifted the safety standards of the ecosystem, as detailed in our previous involvements and initiatives.


Details of the Partnership

  • Enhancing Security: Cyvers will integrate sophisticated security measures into Velocore’s infrastructure, employing our cutting-edge threat detection and mitigation technologies. This integration will focus on enhancing the safety of transactions and safeguarding user data, crucial for maintaining trust and reliability.
  • Scope of Work: The partnership will see Cyvers deploying its suite of security tools across Velocore’s operational nodes and entry points, ensuring comprehensive coverage and continuous monitoring.
  • Expected Outcomes: With these enhancements, Velocore will not only fortify its defenses against potential cyber threats but also improve its overall system performance, making it even more resilient and efficient.

Implications for the DeFi Ecosystem

  • For Velocore: This partnership will enable Velocore to elevate its security measures to the highest standards, thereby supporting its vision to become the top DEX platform. Enhanced security will also solidify Velocore’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and reliable trading experience.
  • For Cyvers: By securing a critical player like Velocore, Cyvers demonstrates the effectiveness of its innovative security solutions in a dynamic and complex DeFi environment. This not only strengthens Cyvers' market position but also showcases our capabilities in adapting to and managing decentralized network challenges.
  • For the Linea Ecosystem: Strengthening Velocore’s security architecture benefits the entire Linea ecosystem by promoting safer and more reliable infrastructure standards. This is crucial for attracting more users and developers to the platform, fostering a thriving DeFi community.


Future Outlook

Looking forward, this partnership is expected to spark a series of innovations in DeFi security, with both Cyvers and Velocore at the helm. We are excited about the potential developments this collaboration will bring about, aiming to continuously improve and enhance the safety and efficiency of blockchain technologies. This strategic alliance not only sets the stage for future advancements but also paves the way for establishing new benchmarks in blockchain security.


Closing Remarks

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with this pivotal partnership. Follow Cyvers and Velocore on our social platforms to stay informed about the latest developments and services. We are committed to continually elevating the standards of blockchain security and ensuring a safe, efficient, and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem for all.


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